Friday, January 11, 2013

Favorite Find: Three Wisemen Statues

I had to share one more favorite find today!

I was given some money for Christmas, and decided to use it to purchase a nice statue or statue set.  I realized that I didn't have any "three wisemen" statues to display for Epiphany, except a small one that had seen better days (one of the king's heads had broken off and refused to stay on despite multiple applications of Gorilla Glue!)

I noticed that the Catholic Company of St. Louis has an after-Christmas sale right now, and although many of their Nativity sets are sold out, I was able to find this lovely set of three wisemen:

My photo really doesn't do them justice, so here's a photo from the store website:

I ordered after Epiphany so we weren't able to use them on the feast, but they are so gorgeous I couldn't resist displaying them for at least a week!  The colors are so vibrant and the details so wonderful.  Best of all, each of the three wisemen holds a container that can be opened and filled with frankincense or myrrh.  (See the small inset photo above).  The gold container opens too, but the gold is already in it.  It comes with packets of frankincense and myrrh for filling the other two containers.  These are heirloom quality statues that I'm sure will become a part of our Epiphany every year!  I purchased the "standard set;" the larger set is already sold out.  Originally the set cost $49.95; now it is priced at $24.98.

(Note:  the links in this article are not affiliate links and I receive no compensation for purchases resulting from clicking on the links.  I just wanted to share my excitement over finding these beautiful statues!)


  1. They're perfect Cheryl! The Magi were headed back home by now. Transformed from meeting the newborn king! Makes sense to jeep them out until the end of the Christmas season!

  2. The three Kings look beautifully made and thank you for the links! My children broke our set years ago and many of the prices are just so high. Thanks again!