Friday, January 11, 2013

Favorite Finds: Liturgical Meals

As you can tell from my last few posts, I'm really enthused about using food and mealtime to teach my kids more about their faith, especially since our days are so full with school and sports practices.  Themed food provides a natural conversation starter about various traditions and teachings in the Catholic faith.  The kids really seem to enjoy it, too.

Although I can't make a themed meal every day, I'm hoping to create a meal at least once a week, usually on Sundays, which I'm trying to make a "sports free" day.  At least, I've been able to keep all outside activities (except for Mass) off the calendar on Sunday for the winter months.

It will also be a fun way to celebrate the start of the new week and give us something special to look forward to, since we're all missing my husband/the kids' dad, who is on a four-month field assignment in another state and can only come home one weekend a month. 

Sometimes the special meal will include many things; sometimes it will just be dessert.  Sometimes I'll just use a special tablecloth or centerpiece if I'm really tight on time.  I'm currently planning the calendar (since it won't happen unless I plan in advance!)  I'll share that at a later date.  I'm also trying to organize my cookie cutters and other supplies that can be used to make the special touches on the meal.  I'll try to share photos of that later, too.

I recently found a few things at Target's Dollar Spot that I thought would be perfect for liturgically themed meals.   Here are my "favorite finds":

 Ice cube trays shaped like apples.  I'll use these to make shape candies or cookies for Jesse tea meals (to represent Adam and Eve) and for  "fruit of the spirit" themed food.

Ice cube trays shaped like berries.  Also to be used for "fruit of the spirit" themed food.

Butterfly sandwich cutter, perhaps for a post-Easter lunch?

Not really liturgical, but I couldn't resist these toast stamps that say "Smile" and "I Heart You" on them.  Nice little surprise for the kids for a St. Valentine's Day breakfast!

Silicone heart shaped cupcake pan.  For any feast relating to the heart of Jesus or Mary (like the Sacred Heart of Jesus), and obviously, for St. Valentine's Day. 

String lights shaped like roses.  I saw these and immediately pictured them around our Mary statue for Marion feast days.  Only $3 and so pretty!

Do you have any special accessories, pans, molds, etc. that you use to give your meals a "liturgical" touch?  If so, please share your ideas in the comments section!

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  1. Nice finds, Cheryl. Focusing on the meals helps bring the liturgical year in focus for me. Not that each meal has to be fancy or made into a slide show, but kind of setting the scene. A nice tablecloth and an extra prayer is simple at its best but then I can add that little extra foodwise to go along with the feast day. So I think it's a nice practice, especially for busy families.