Friday, January 11, 2013

Our Epiphany Treats

Wanted to share a photo of the little bundt cakes that I whipped up for dessert with our Epiphany dinner last Sunday.   I made a bunch of mini bundt cakes for our "O Rex Gentium/O King of Nations" dinner during the O Antiphons.  I used this cake pan:

I saved three of the undecorated cakes in the freezer, then pulled them out on Saturday evening and decorated them with white frosting, gold sprinkles and small pieces of dried apricots (to represent jewels).  Here is the result:

Added a few Brach's chocolate stars, too.  It was a quick and easy dessert to celebrate Three Kings Day!


  1. Very cute. I made "king cakes" for my CCD class too! We followed Tiffany's example. Used powder sugar, spice gum drops and rolo candies. It was a hit. I like yours as well. Will have to remember for next year.

  2. Those turned out cute! We just made one big bundt cake, a simple orange rum one, but that cake pan of yours is so fun!

  3. Cheryl, These are beautiful! I know that the children felt special because of it.