Monday, February 11, 2013

The Pope's Announcement

I heard the news this morning about Pope Benedict's decision to resign his position. At first I was shocked. Then I felt sadness. Then I admit (guiltily) that I felt a bit of anger--how could he leave us when the world so desperately needs his spiritual leadership? But I think the Holy Spirit is guiding me toward understanding too. Pope Benedict is a quiet man, perhaps a bit of an introvert, who prefers to stay out of the limelight. Perhaps he prefers to quietly pray, study and share his gifts with the world in the written form. I can really understand and relate to those feelings. I'm basically an introvert too who is occasionally asked to step out of my comfortable place and take a leadership role or teach. I love those opportunities but deep inside they don't feel natural to me. Because of that, they are mentally and physically exhausting. At first I yearn for a quiet place to "recharge my battery." If I ignore that need too long, my brain feels jumbled and confused. I find I am more and more physically exhausted. The quiet place is not a luxury to me; it is a necessity.

This probably sounds strange, especially to extroverts who may be vitalized and rejuvenated by crowds of people. I used to think I was a bit strange because of my strong need for quiet in a world that's filled with noise and boisterous energy. But as I get older I've come to understand that it is the way God made me and its okay!

I wonder if this is how our pope feels now. This need for quiet and prayer so he can revitalize himself and rediscover himself and God's new mission for his life.

What do you think about the pope's announcement? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

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  1. Hi Cheryl, I must admit that I was very sad at first, too. And more so because Benedict is German, and having him as Pope has been to some extent healing for the German people. But I have to respect him for knowing his limits and putting what is best for the Catholic Church above his personal feelings. It takes much wisdom and humility to step down from such a position knowing that he will be judged for it. What a man to lay all the power and limelight aside to do the Lord's bidding!

  2. I can onl;y imagine how challenging it must have been for an 80+ man to deal with the energy of the crowds, the demands of his time, and the needs of his people and the world! He's courageous for making this divined decision. I've no doubt the Holy Spirit is leading him through this! May God bless Pope Benedict for his many years of service to His people!