Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Online Curriculum Sale: Phonics Books and Games

I also have some great items for teaching phonics, which I will list on this page as I go through the boxes and take photos of them. As usual, if you are interested, please email me (caswrite at yahoo dot com) with your zip code and I'll compute postage using the least expensive method available from USPS.

Pumpkin Patch Phonics Board Game

(asking $6)

This hard-to-find game is a fun way to reinforce phonics sounds and concepts.  It has a fall/Halloween theme, but my daughter and I enjoyed playing it all year.  It includes playing board, spinner, instructions, four playing pieces and a box to store everything in.

Game is for 2-4 players, ages 4+.  To play the game, players take turns spinning the spinner until it lands on a letter.  Then then move their playing piece to the nearest picture that starts with the same letter as the one indicated on the spinner. There are also special spaces on the board where players can jump forward one whole line, or move back one line (similar to Chutes and Ladders.)

For more advanced players, use the other side of the spinner.  Players then move based on the ending sound of the word instead of the beginning sound.

Although we played this quite a few times, it is still in very good shape.  Such a fun way to learn basic phonics sounds!

Kumon Long Vowels Write and Wipe Flash Cards

(Retails for $9.95;  asking $4)

These two-sided cards are great for reinforcing long vowel sounds.  Included are 30 double-sided cards, 2 instructional cards on how to use the set with your child, a dry erase marker with an eraser on the topc, and a box to store it all in. Recommended for ages 4+.

On the front of the card (the write and wipe side), your child can practice writing the three words that features long vowel sounds (each card has three words.)   On the back side there are three pictures that represent the words on the other side of the card. Help your child sound out the words as s/he looks at the picture and the word.

The dry erase marker appears to have a lot of life in it yet (its still dark when used to print).  The cards are in good shape with no bends, tears, etc.  There is some residual black "dots" in some areas where the marker was, but these are small and do not affect the usability of the cards. (They could probably be wiped away; haven't tried.)

The storage box has some normal wear on the corners (the cardboard inside is rather flimsy.)  I'm including it but it would probably be better to store the cards in another container.  My daughter was usually frustrated when she tried to put them away because the box is almost too narrow for the cards and pen.

Set of 5 Interactive Phonics Books from Scholastic's "Fun with Phonics" Series

(asking $12.99; each of these retails for about $7)

My daughter was a reluctant reader until she ran across the Posy the Pig, one of the five books in this Scholastic "Fun with Phonics" series.  She read that book over, and over, and over... Decided I needed to and get the other books for her. After a search, I found them all.

All of these books are in good to very good shape; small discrepancies are noted below. 

Included in the series:

Posy the Pig (reinforces the short 'i" sound). Purchased this book second hand so it has a name and date handprinted inside the front cover. Does not affect usability of the book.  This is a hardcover book

Bug in a Rug (reinforces short "u" sound). This is a paperback book that has an interactive feature--a dial that moves the letter so the child can practice the short "u" word.  No tears, writing, etc.

Fat Cat (reinforces short "a" sound).  This was another favorite in the group.  I must have read it a million times!  This is a paperback book that has an interactive feature--a dial that moves the letter so the child can practice the short "a" word. There is a small dial by the dial but this does not affect the usability of the book. No writing, highlighting, scribbling, etc.

Dog in the Fog (reinforces short "o" sound). Also a paperback book that has an interactive feature--a dial that moves the letter so the child can practice the short "o" word. No tears, rips, scribbling, etc. 

Jen the Hen (reinforces short "e" sound.)  Also an interactive paperback book with the dial that moves so the child can practice the short "e" words.  No rips, tears, etc.

These are very unique books and I highly recommend them for anyone who has a child who does not want to read!  


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