Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Pentecost Supper

It was another hectic weekend but I managed to pull together a special meal on Sunday to celebrate Pentecost. I incorporated the colors of red, yellow, orange and the symbols of flames/tongues of fire and wind into the meal. Then we played a little dinner time game, with the kids guessing why I used these elements in the meal.

Thought I'd share some photos.

Red, yellow and orange sweet peppers cut into flame shapes and served with hummus.

Pinwheels made with Sara Lee puff pastry. I used these with the catalina chicken I whipped up in the crockpot earlier in the week.

(Have you ever made Catalina chicken? It is so easy and delicious! Simply put chicken breast in a crockpot, top with Catalina salad dressing to cover chicken, then let simmer throughout the day until done.)

The finished chicken has a reddish/orangish tinge to it; perfect to match our theme colors! I served the chicken on top of the pinwheels like this:

For dessert, a tart with strawberry and peach flames. Another easy peasy recipe with Sara Lee puff pastry (baked at the same time as the pinwheels!), instant vanilla pudding and sliced peaches and strawberries. Here it is:

This was definitely one of my easiest celebration meals and I think we will make it a Pentecost tradition.

Did you do anything special for Pentecost? Please share in the combox.


  1. Love your ideas,Cheryl! Everything looks delicious...That Catalina chicken sounds wonderful and perfect for Pentecost. I love easy crockpot recipes. Your guessing game is one I'll have to adopt. Love it:) Thanks for sharing!

  2. This sounds wonderful! What lucky children you have!