Monday, April 22, 2013

Good Shepherd Sunday

I planned to have a special meal yesterday for Good Shepherd Sunday but last Thursday's flooding in our area threw off my schedule. Between cleaning up our basement and dealing with a shoulder injury I didn't have the time or energy to make the shepherd pie and other special treats I planned to make. However I finished decorating the lamb cake, which we enjoyed last night. Here it is:

I also set up a Good Shepherd display on our sideboard:

I will be giving the CGS Good Shepherd presentation to my daughter this week. Or perhaps she will be giving it to me? She has heard it many times and practically knows it by heart. It is a presentation that touches my soul in a new way each time I share it.
We will also be reading Gennady Spirin's book "The Lord is my Shepherd". I found it in the bargain bin of a discount store last summer and can't wait to ponder the beautiful artwork while we ponder the Twenty Third Psalm.

Hopefully we will still enjoy shepherd pie later in the week.
Did you do anything special to celebrate Good Shepherd Sunday? Please share in the combox.

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