Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dinner to celebrate our new pope

After watching Pope Francis' Inauguration Mass on EWTN, I thought it would be fun to celebrate this special day with a  themed dinner.

I decided to go with a gold, red, yellow and white theme to represent the colors of the papal flag. So my daughter set the table with our gold tablecloth accented with white and red napkin "runners". She also used red napkins and a picture of Pope Francis.

For dinner, I served Argentinian gaucho steak sandwiches with chimichurri sauce. I used thin flank steak, so the meat grilled quickly on my panini press. They were delicious; even my picky eater teen son liked them! You can find the recipe here.

I also served two "red, yellow and gold" salads: a fruit one made with strawberries, peaches and crushed pineapple; and a veggie salad made with red and yellow grape tomatoes.

For dessert, I served vanilla ice cream with strawberry and butterscotch toppings.

It was a fun little meal to commemorate this special day!

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