Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Friday Link up at Catholic Icing

Lacy's "First Friday" linkup is now up at her Catholic Icing blog.  I love this linkup; it's a great way to see some of the liturgically inspired projects that everyone has been working on for the past month.   As of today, there are links to:

- a printable priest paper doll (complete with colored chasuables)  provided by Nicole

- a free David and Goliath printable shared by Alicia

- a free July saints day printable game provided by Monica (a great way to recycle those metal tops from juice cans)

- a Holy Family story bag by Meadow

- Jesus Loves Me t-shirt by Lacy much more!  Check out all the links here:

First Friday Link Up

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  1. Those ideas sound great. I will have to hop over to Lacy's blog and check it out. Thanks and God Bless!