Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hands on Activity for Feast of the Sacred Heart

I've been brainstorming a hands-on way to teach my daughter about the Sacred Heart devotion. Although we could just read Father Lovasik's excellent book "The Promises of the Sacred Heart," I wanted to do a bit more.  So I dug around in my craft cabinet and found these items:

Small plastic heart boxes (purchased last February from my Dollar Tree), pink and red construction paper, and glue glitter pens in red, pink and gold, black permanent marker (not shown).

I decided to use the little boxes as a way to teach my daughter about the 12 promises.  I cut out little paper hearts that would fit inside the boxes.

Using Father Lovasik's book as a guide, I wrote a promise on each of the paper hearts.

Then I tucked each one inside a plastic heart box.

I took the cover of each box and wrote a corresponding number on it with a gold glitter glue pen.

I now have 12 boxes, each with one of the promises of the Sacred Heart.

How we will use the plastic hearts:
I will have my daughter select the heart with the "1" on it and open it. Inside, she will read the brief passage about the applicable promise (a great way to encourage her to read).  I will then turn to the matching page in the Father Lovasik book and read his meditation/prayer.  We can discuss each one, if she wishes, or just spend some time in silent prayer after the meditation.

We will be using these over the next few days in preparation for the Feast of the Sacred Heart (Sunday, July 1).  Can't wait to start!

Now you have a reason to buy those adorable plastic heart boxes at the Dollar Tree next February!


  1. very creative idea, Cheryl ! I love it. I used some crafts from St. Valentine's day too for our Sacred HEart Feast Day last year (in fact, during the month of June which is devoted to Hesus's Sacred Heart) and it was a big hit with my daughter. I love your idea. thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a clever idea Cheryl and thank you for sharing! We have the book so you have inspired me:) May you have blessed feast days of the Sacred and Immaculate hearts this weekend!

  3. Hi Cheryl, what a clever idea for teaching your children about the promises of the Sacred Heart. I too, need to know more about them!

  4. What a great idea! I never think to buy things at Dollar Tree for uses other than what they are intended for! I love this idea!

  5. Great project~ I teach 1st grade religious education and I'm always on the look out for projects. Following your great blog!

    I found you in a round-about way through a Meme "Pay It Forward" Would love for you to stop by and pay us a visit, perhaps get involved with the Meme...

    Holly@ A Life-Size Catholic Blog

  6. Hi Cheryl!! I just found your blog and I really like what you share here!! I would love to link to this post and to the Stations of light next Easter. BLessings!!