Friday, February 11, 2011

Litany of Our Lady of Lourdes Prayer Ring

I was surfing the internet for ideas on celebrating the Feast of Our Lady Of Lourdes (which is today, Friday, February 11) when I stumbled upon the beautiful "Litany of Our Lady of Lourdes" prayer on the Women For Faith & Family website. After reading it a couple of times I realized it would be a perfect prayer to share with my second grader. She is a struggling reader who quickly becomes frustrated when she doesn’t know every word in her easy reader. The repetition in this prayer would build her confidence while improving her vocabulary of faith words like "redeemer," "Holy Trinity" and "saviour." 

I knew that she would be quickly overwhelmed by the length of the prayer if I simply printed it out and suggested we read it together. I decided to give it to her in bite-sized pieces.  I divided the prayer into section of four to six lines then copied the document into my desktop publishing program. I created a set of cards and put each section on one page.  To encourage co-reading, some sections have light blue type while other sections have purple type. She picks the type color she would like to read.

Finally, I added some beautiful artwork of Our Lady of Lourdes, Jesus and the Trinity. I punched a hole at the top of each card and added a blue ring so we could flip through the prayer while we are reading it together.

We began using our "Litany" prayer ring on Monday and it has been a success!  We have had far better results than I was expecting.  She looks forwarding to reading it together as part of our morning prayer and has even asked to read the harder sections of the prayer by herself.  I can see that God has really touched her heart with this simple activity, and plan to adapt it to some of the other prayers that we will be learning. 

If you would like a printable of this litany prayer ring, please add a note to the comments section with your email address and I will email you the .pdf file. 

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