Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Follow up: Our Jesse-Tree inspired dinner

I apologize for my much-delayed posting of these photos from our Jesse-Tree inspired dinner on the first Sunday of Advent!  Time is flying by even more quickly than usual! 

I was inspired by Catholic Cuisine to create an afternoon tea based on the symbols and stories of the Jesse Tree.  However, soccer and swim practices and basketball games pushed our tea into dinner time!
My daughter and I served:

 Adam and Eve's apples and serpents (gummy worms), plus sparkling apple cider for drinks.

Abraham's star sandwiches (bread, cheese and salami cut with star-shaped cookie cutters)

 Mary's flowers cucumbers (I originally planned to shape them like roses using this tutorial), but my daughter was having so much fun laying the slices on the plate so they look like flowers, that I didn't have the heart to take them apart!)

 Moses' burning bush (broccoli with Catalina salad dressing)

 Tobias' fish crackers

 Noah's rainbow fruit platter

Elizabeth and Zechariah's Angel Wing Cookies (palmier biscuits purchased from Cost Plus World Market)

Creation Cookies (Keebler's Almond Crescent Cookies)

I didn't photograph these items, but we also served carrot sticks to represent the "root of Jesse," and pasta shells and white sauce ("John the Baptist's pasta").

Here are a few more close-ups of our dinner table:

This is the second themed Biblical themed meal my daughter and I have created.  I'm never sure how my husband will react.  He's a  "meat and potatoes" and "let's eat already" kind of person who doesn't really get into a lot of creative flourishes in his meals. But he seemed to enjoy this symbolic meal, which is encouraging me to try this more often!


  1. Very nice! We really enjoyed doing a liturgical spread like this during Easter. My husband is like yours but he was entertained by it all. Have fun!

  2. I want to do this next year. You know when I'm theoretically organized......

  3. oh my, so delightful! i just love this. I'm sure my family would too. It's on my list for next Advent. thanks for sharing, Cheryl!