Monday, May 9, 2011

First Communion Cake and Cookies

My daughter's First Communion went a week ago Saturday. Here she is, all decked out in her pretty white dress and veil:

I used the cookie cutters that I mentioned in this blog post to make these cookies. They turned out far better than I expected!  I saved time by using Pillsbury sugar cookie dough mix instead of making the dough from scratch. I also used Pillsbury canned icing and Wilton's decorator frosting in a tube.  

For her cake, I baked a small sheet cake and decorated it with an edible image I purchased on Ebay from Rebecca's Edible Cake Images. I also purchased some gum paste flowers from another Ebay vendor, Michele's Gifts for You.  I put the gum paste flowers in the corner of the cake. I decorated the borders of the cake with Wilton frosting tubes.  I am not a cake decorator but I received many compliments on the cake. The edible cake image and the gum paste flowers gave the cake a professional look. 

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  1. wow, the cookies are beautiful! and the cake looks great. your daughter looks so holy and serene on her First holy communion Day. God bless her!