Saturday, March 12, 2011

Super Quick Craft: "Stained Glass" St. Patrick candle

Because I have a very bouncy and energetic daughter, I don't use real candles in my home. It's just too risky. So I was thrilled when the stores started carrying battery illuminated pillar candles; I could get the ambiance without the risk!  But $5-$10 per candle was waaaaaaaaay out of my budget!   So I was thrilled when my dollar store started carrying them, for only $1.  I've used them for a couple of months now and they work just as well as the more expensive ones.

Recently, I found a new way to use those unembellished candles:  I turned them into stained glass saint candles!  This is such an easy craft.  You will only need some pictures of stained glass windows featuring saint pictures, a window cling (available at office supply stores), a printer and a candle. 

I found some nice stained glass window pictures by searching for images on google.  Look for those that have alot of vibrant colors; they turn out the nicest.  For example, the one of St. Patrick above (on the right) turned out better than the one of St. Joseph (on the left).  Size the images to fit your candle, then print them on window cling material.  Allow the printed image to dry completely, then trim to size.  Remove the backing from the window cling and attach it to your candle.  Then turn on your candle -- isn't it beautiful??  (Wish I could show you what they look like when illuminated; my camera couldn't capture it!  But they glow, similar to the way a stained glass window glows when the sun shines behind it.)

You can change your candle for the different liturgical holidays. I printed images of St. Patrick, St. Joseph, the Blessed Mother, St. Francis, St. Valentine and Jesus on one cling.  I'll change out the clings to match the feast day.

What a quick and easy way to dress up your prayer table or family altar.

If you try this, please let me know in the comments section below.  I'd love to hear what images you used and how they turned out!


  1. This is a great craft! I haven't seen the electronic candles you have, just the little electronic tealights. I think I might try to mod podge an image on a regular (dollar store)glass (or frosted glass) and insert an electronic tealight...I'll post it if I do.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Where did you get printable window cling? And what's it labeled? I can think of lots of uses for that, in addition to your beautiful candles!

  3. Monica,
    I learned something the hard way about Mod Podge -- it smears when used over inkjet printed images! So if you are using an image printed from your inkjet printer, allow it to dry completely then lightly spray it with hairspray (one side; let dry; other side; let dry.) That seems to prevent some of the bleeding. I doesn't seem to be an issue if your image is from a photocopier or laser printer.

    R Novack -- you can buy window clings (also called window decals) at many office supply stores. I know Office Depot and Avery make window decals. I imagine the online office supply stores would carry them, too. They are so versatile; I love using them! Please let me know if you create something new with them; I have a few sheets left in my package.

    Thank you to both of you for visiting my blog!

  4. A really neat idea and great to use with the kids.

  5. Saving this idea for Girl Scouts; the kids will love it.