Sunday, December 12, 2010

Yogurt Cup Saints

We eat a lot of yogurt in this house. That means we have a lot of 6 oz. yogurt cups in our recycling bin. For the longest time I've looked at them and tried to brainstorm ways to recycle or re-purpose them. It bothers me that all those little cups are filling up our landfills!  I've  used them for paint cups and to pot seedlings. Yet every time I ate some yogurt, I pictured them as something else, perhaps the body of a shelf sitter or doll.

Recently, I experimented with transforming them into saint figures.  Here is the result:

St . Nicholas of Myra made from a yogurt cup

St. Lucia made from a yogurt cup     

Isn't it amazing what one can do with a little paint, a wooden ball, some felt, hot glue, some birthday candles, artificial greenery and a red ribbon? 

I'm also finishing up my St. Juan Diego and Our Lady of Guadalupe figures.  Will post those photos in a few days.

After I've perfected the process a bit more I'll post more instructions, a pattern or a tutorial.

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